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Meet Our New Interns

Meet our new TAG interns! We are so excited to welcome Demetri, Remington, and Sophie to our Barcelona campus. They will be working with us, sharing their ideas, and learning as much as they can for the next two months. It’s great to have three fresh perspectives to add to our talented team. We here at Talent Garden Barcelona hope to show them the city and help them reach their goals as well as learn as from their culture and backgrounds.  TAG is all about welcoming ambitious new talent and giving them the tools to succeed so we can’t wait to share our community with them and show them what Talent Garden is all about.

They traveled here from the United States in search of a tremendous learning experience both within the business office of Talent Garden Barcelona and within the Catalan culture. Although they are all from the United States, they came from different parts of the country and attend different universities. They didn’t know each other before making the journey to Barcelona but they’re ready to collaborate throughout the summer and build on each other’s strengths. Of all the places to explore, they chose Barcelona excited to dive into the unique culture and lifestyle, explore the beautiful architecture, eat great food, and experience all that this vibrant and buzzing city has to offer. They chose wisely; there’s so much to learn here in one of the centers of the world of innovation and coworking.

Demetri is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania which is on the eastern side of the United States. In Philadelphia, he attends Temple University where he studies advertising. He really likes to work with graphic design and is ready to get some real world experience. Sophie was born in Northern California right outside of San Francisco and she goes to Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia where she majors in marketing. Sophie is looking for a creative career path and is excited to learn more about coworking and entrepreneurship while testing out her marketing skills. Like Sophie, Remington was also born in California but in a completely different area as California is one of the largest states in the country. Remington goes to the University of Arizona which is located in Tucson, Arizona where he plans to graduate with a major in Finance. He’s interested in developing his financial skills and learning about a new work environment. Together they make up the intern team here at Talent Garden Barcelona. They plan on using their skills both individually and as a team to develop and provide the best work possible for us here at Talent Garden.

Remington, Sophie, and Demetri all arrived in Spain last sunday and have spent the past week getting exploring and acquainted with the city. They are staying at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona with other American college interns employed at companies in all different fields in Barcelona. Since their first day here at Talent Garden last wednesday, they’ve been working on researching coworking both internationally and locally, and putting together communication plans for the next two months. So far, they’ve been on a few tours of the city and spent a lot of time at the beach at Barceloneta and Selva del Mar. They say that a highlight of their week was definitely watching Barcelona win the Champions League final on saturday evening. They watched the game at different bars around the city and took part in the crazy celebration that followed the win. The three of them have big plans for the rest of their time here and want to see and experience both the touristy aspects of Barcelona and find the many hidden gems of the city.  They are also putting together weekend trips around Europe, hoping to visit Morocco, Budapest, Madrid, Berlin, and wherever else they can manage to get to.  Help us welcome them to Barcelona and show them a great summer.


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