Best Tapas to Try in Spain

If you’re in Spain and looking for some delicious tapas, here are a few suggestions of some traditional dishes enjoyed by the locals of Spain.

Patatas bravas is a very well-known tapa dish in many different areas in Spain. It consists of chopped up, fried, potatoes and served with a spicy tomato sauce or aioli. This appetizer is offered in most bars and restaurants, due to its popularity. If you are looking for something tasty to eat before your entrée, patatas bravas is always a good option!


Pan tomaquet is a simple and satisfying tapa recipe. It is made up of bread (either toasted or fresh), which is then rubbed with tomatoes and seasoned with olive oil and salt. This dish is a representation of Catalan cuisine and can serve as a snack or meal from breakfast to dinner.


Croquetas is a universal cuisine prepared in different countries all over the world including Spain. Tradition croquetas in Spain are made with thick béchamel, which is a type of white sauce. They can be filled with ham, chicken, cod, spinach, cheese, mushrooms, etc. This classic tapa is a must have when you are in Spain and when looking for something new to try!


Tortilla de patatas is a traditional dish consisting of eggs and potatoes (sometimes onions, chives and garlic). It is fried in oil and typically served cold as a starter. This meal is well-known in Spain as well as many South American countries. Tortilla de patatas can be a delicious breakfast, lunch, or dinner food. This unique, cultural dish is definitely worth tasting!


Gazpacho is a cold soup containing a mix of raw vegetables. It is widely consumed in Spain and Portugal, especially during the summers. The soup is typically served as an appetizer before the main course or entrée. This refreshing dish is a perfect tapa to enjoy in Spain and is a great way to cool off in the summer heat.








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